elementary Grades

First - Fourth grade

The early elementary years of any student are critical. This is the time when students decide how they feel about this "school thing". As educators, it falls upon us to teach, encourage, and love each one of our students to help them not just "like" school but love it.   This is something we don't take for granted here at

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First Grade:

First grade is full of energy and excitement for God's kingdom! In first grade, mathematics is full of reasoning skills, problem solving, and a focus on fact memorization. Students are taught phonemic awareness and decoding skills to help improve reading fluency. In writing, first graders learn proper sentence structure and grammar, with the goal of writing complete paragraphs at the end of the year.

Second Grade:

Second graders are learning how to draw closer to God through prayer and the study of his Word. They learn how to look up verses and their ever-increasing reading skills help them become better students of God's Word. They learn how our great country was founded and what a privilege it is to live in America. Second grade's field trips include a visit to Philadelphia to see some of our country's great historic spots. Second graders advance in their math and spelling skills. They also have a great time exploring God's wonderful world in science.  

Third Grade:

In third grade, we transition from lower to upper elementary learning. We learn multiplication and division, cursive writing, and continue in our love of reading. We study the human body  as well as the biomes of the earth that God has created for the creatures of this world to enjoy. Throughout every aspect of the day there is a strong emphasis put on working to honor and please God. The goal of third grade is to become independent learners showing responsibility in how complete our work, care for our supplies and become faithful with our homework.  

Fourth Grade:

Fourth grade at ACA is a time of inquiry and discovery. We make the transition from"learning to read" to "reading to learn."  Students learn how to become active readers. Our writing incorporates both cross-curricular assignments and the Scholastic 6+1 Writing Traits. We complete daily spelling, vocabulary, and penmanship activities, and these subjects are assessed weekly. For half of the school year we study United States History, and for the other half of the school year we study God's creation in Science. We have daily Bible lessons and weekly Chapel services. We continue the cumulative study of math facts and concepts through the Saxon math curriculum.

Fifth Grade:

As they prepare for middle school, Fifth graders continue to develop math skills and expand knowledge of fraction operations, percentages, ratios, and geometry. The science curriculum is an investigation into God's world with much opportunity for hands-on learning. Topics include mammals, light, astronomy, geology, the ocean, and more. Fifth grade reading teaches engaged learning strategies and promotes creative writing. Bible studies focus on the wisdom of the Old Testament and encourage Scripture memorization.