performing arts

Giving our students the chance to experience and appreciate the performing arts has always been an important part of the ACA experience.  God has gifted each of us with unique abilities; our students explore those gifts through drama and music. PreK 4 through 6th graders participate in our annual Christmas and Spring Concerts; each spring, the middle school students present a play.


Our music productions are designed to be fun, vibrant and performed all for the glory of God.  A biblical theme is always prominent through all of our concerts.  We always remind our students that your are performing for an audience of "One." 

This past Christmas, our concert was entitled "Go Tell It." Mrs. McDonald, our Music teacher, had the students creatively sing about our Savior's birth in a fun way while including the traditional Christmas message.  As a school, we always encourage our students that we glorify our Heavenly Father  in all that we do.  It can be through a bible verse, a song or even a hip hop dance!