middle school

6th, 7th and 8th grade

Middle school is a time of change, challenge and coping.  The main focus for our middle school students is to be prepared spiritually, academically and socially for their high school years.  Our middle school faculty and staff work together toward that common goal.  Although the academic achievement of our middle students is critical, there are many after-school activities they can become involved in, such as athletics, drama and a variety of other extracurricular activities which broaden their experience.  Our small class sizes help students receive the focus they deserve! Visit our middle school today!

Language Arts

Our approach to middle school literature and writing allows for many opportunities of creativity, open discussions, analyses, presentations, reading , poetry, and critical thinking. Formal and informal methodology is used in these areas in order to enhance the strengths and improve the weaknesses of all of our students. Each grade level in middle school acts as a building block for the next enriching their literary, writing, speaking, listening and thinking skills. A strong vocabulary is critical to success in writing and reading.  We use the Sadlier program and have seen tremendous growth in our middle school students test scores. An assortment of literature including novels, textbooks, plays, and other materials are used to engage students in the learning process. We are committed to navigating our students through literature and writing with a Godly purpose and awareness.   


Saxon Math is the curriculum used by our Middle School students. This curriculum implements a consistent lesson structure and is cumulative. The students are continually practicing the skills that they have learned. Regular tests provide the opportunity for regular feedback and continual monitoring of student progress. Each year the students build on what they have learned in the following areas: operations, pre-algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and problem solving.

Algebra I (8th grade only - entrance exam required)

This introduction to Algebra serves as the foundation course to prepare students for advanced secondary school mathematics. The focus is on algebraic expressions, properties and operations to advance problem solving capabilities and measure math skills improvement throughout the school terms. Assessments are administered every five lessons. Our class size is small to ensure application of the material in problem solving exercises and personal interaction with the instructor daily.


In the middle school we use BJU Press for Science. This curriculum teaches science as a tool to help us exercise the command God gave to us in Genesis to have dominion over all creation. In every unit, we discuss how what we are learning can be used for the glory of God.

In 6th grade, we learn the basics of a variety of different types of science, including Earth Science, Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Students use their lab manual in class frequently to help them further develop and understand concepts. We engage in a wide variety of hands-on learning activities that help the students to better see what we have been learning.

7th grade focuses on Earth Science where we learn about the earth that God has given us as a habitat. We learn about the structure of the earth, tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcanoes, minerals, erosion, and more. Students also have the opportunity to become familiar with many new kinds of maps and even have the opportunity to make our own maps with the techniques we learn. Google Earth is an important part of our learning as it helps us to interact with the earth in a unique and interesting way.

Life Science is the 8th Grade Science course. The year begins with an interesting discussion about why studying Life Science is important for Christian believers. As the year progresses, we learn about cells, genetics, relationships between organisms, and the human body. We complete labs and demonstrations in every chapter, which includes the use of microscopes and similar materials.